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    Even smart, creative and capable people who seek to realize their life dreams can get stuck along the way. Does this sound like you? In such situations it can pay to work with a coach. Life coaching helps you succeed by helping you work out what’s important to you, what it is you want, and how to go and get it.

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  • As a coach, I have had the privilege of helping clients flourish across key areas of their lives: health, work life balance, and personal and professional development. While I love working with all kinds of people in coaching, my specialties are aimed at helping my clients with the following four types goals:

    • Optimal Wellbeing: Healthy sleep, eating, active lifestyles–and, where needed, managing chronic health problems)
    • Successful Career Transitions: Worklife balance, job satisfaction and professional achievement 
    • Momentum Entrepreneur Success: Psychological strengths and values assessment, create a vision for your success, strategic planning and implementation, sustaining motivation, stress resilience, problem solving, accountability
    • PhD Dissertation Completion…and Beyond: Fortify motivation and focus to accelerate doctoral program completion, and post-doctoral professional career development
    • Adult ADHD Success: Enhanced stress resilience, organization, focus and productivity

    How Does Coaching Help?

    Take a few minutes to watch this compelling TED youtube video on the value of coaching to improve performance–even under tough conditions. If it inspires you to take action and elevate your own performance and life satisfaction, click here to make an appointment with me for your complimentary telephone consult. Let me be your ally for breaking through to your best life in 2018.

    Coaching is forward thinking and solution-focussed. It can be therapeutic, but it is not psychotherapy. Read more: Comparing Coaching, Consulting & Psychotherapy

    My clients usually come with a primary goal in mind, but many are inspired to accomplish others as we work together.  Here are a couple of examples:

    Andrea’s uncanny ability to uncover limiting beliefs, reframe old narratives, and incorporate current human behavior theory has increased the effectiveness of my consulting practice and supported the positive integration of work/life. TR, Organizational Development Consultant Read more.

    Working with Andrea in coaching has had a significant impact on my life. Having someone to help keep you accountable, motivate you, encourage you, and set a path forward is incredibly helpful. Without coaching, I would be unfocused and wandering to find direction. Coaching helped me set and achievement goals that I wouldn’t have otherwise…DA, Change management consultant and educator Read more


    As your coach, my job is to partner with you to:

    • envision an attractive and compelling future that calls forth your best efforts
    • develop a mindset that values incremental progress so you can avoid the traps of perfectionism and procrastination
    • identify your psychological strengths and inspire your creativity
    • design strategies to deploy your strengths effectively under changing conditions;
    • stay focused on your goals
    • champion your efforts, and
    • celebrate your successes.

    Accountability is an agreement to to do something between sessions (AKA” homework”) that will move you toward your goals. This key element in coaching also includes your plan for how and when you will tell me you have completed your tasks. It’s purpose is to keep you focused–not to make you feel guilty if you are unable to do what you committed to in a session. When needed, I work with you find ways to overcome the predictable obstacles that impede your progress and regain your momentum. My goal is to end each session with you feeling optimistic about your ability to stay organized and energized to do what is needed to succeed in achieving your goals.

    Working with a Coach is Enjoyable

    I take my work with clients very seriously, but making the process energizing and fun for them is just as important to me. If you don’t like laughing and smiling, then I’m definitely not the coach for you! I want my clients to bounce out of bed on the mornings we have our sessions because they know that they will have a great time progressing towards whatever future they want to create.

    Coaching is Convenient

    Save time getting the support you want. No need to travel anywhere. You can work with me where ever you have access to a phone or computer. I do most of my coaching virtually, using phone, Skype or Facetime. (If you live in Boulder and want to meet in person, that can be arranged, too.)

    Are You Looking For a Coach With a Wide Range of Relevant Professional Experiences and Professional Certifications?

    Ed.M. Counselling and Consulting Psychology, Harvard Graduate School of Education
    PhD, Social Work-University of North Carolina
    Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
    Certified Coach – MentorCoach
    Professional Certified Coach-International Coach Federation
    Intuitive Career Coach
    Realise2 Psychological Strengths Practitioner

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