• Andrea Meier, PhD, PCC

    As a personal coach, I help smart, creative and capable people who are pursuing significant goals but who have gotten stuck along the way. (Does this sound like you?) I help them apply positive and energy psychology techniques to discover ways to do better than merely cope with life’s challenges. Rather, my clients become re-energized, inspired and empowered. As they progress toward their specific goals, they also develop enhanced positivity, wellbeing, and a sense of accomplishment. In short, they flourish!  

    Professional Experience
    Like most folks, I have had a variety of education and work experiences. I have worked in sales, counseling, and university teaching and research. A common theme across all these jobs has been my joy in learning, and a fascination with human behavior, resilience, and the development of human potential. I have advanced degrees in counseling and consulting psychology (EdM-Harvard) and social work (PhD-University of North Carolina). 

  • How I Became A Professional Coach
    At the University of North Carolina, I explored the possibility of developing a program to help couples think expansively about retirement. This means going beyond financial security to create lives in retirement that were mutually satisfying. It was in the process of designing the intervention for this project, that I first encountered positive psychology-based coaching as a creative, inspiring way of working with these couples. From a counseling perspective I was intrigued by the potential of positive psychology-based coaching as a way to help adults of all ages to craft healthy and rewarding lives. As a result of this project, I decided extend my counseling skills and get trained as a coach.

    I began my coaching training while still on the faculty at the University. However, my work-life in academia was exhausting. Juggling teaching and research responsibilities, publishing, and constantly seeking research funding meant lots of 60-80 hour work weeks. Ultimately, this stage of my life ended abruptly in 2007. The Great Recession caused a lot of research funding—including my own- to dry up. I was offered the choice of leaving the University without benefits, or taking early retirement (with free health insurance). After getting over the shock of being forced out of my job, I decided to take grab the retirement opportunity, move to Boulder, Colorado and run with my dream of working as a professional life coach. Since 2008, I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of clients all over the country get inspired and into action to make their lives more rewarding.  

    Coaching Training
    I received my coaching training through MentorCoach, one of the country’s leading International Coach Federation accredited coach training programs. I chose MentorCoach because it was designed for clinical professionals and the instructors were all PhDs with expertise in applied positive psychology. I earned my International Coach Federation Associate Coaching Certification (ACC) in 2010 and my Professional Coach Certification (PCC) in 2013.

    Since earning my basic coaching certifications. I have continued to pursue specialized advanced coaching training, developing expertise in areas where my clients have needed help (adult ADD, health and wellbeing issues). In 2019, I earned my certification as an Energy Psychology Practitioner and, in 2020, my EFT Practitioner Certification. Both are important additions to my professional skill sets,  I can now help clients do the mind-body work to heal longstanding emotional wounds that can impede their progress on their life goals. 

    I value my coaching training immensely. I have benefited personally for the ways it has helped me tap into my own gifts, skills, and strengths to create a healthy joyful life for myself and my family. I have also had the satisfaction of being an empowering ally for my clients, cheering on their efforts as they forge their own rewarding life paths

    How I Flourish
    I still live in Boulder with my husband. We have been happily married for over 40 years. We are committed to applying wellness and positive psychology principles to our own lives, finding joy as members of communities of physically active friends, Nordic Walking and hiking in the mountains. bicycle touring, and other international travel. I am a voracious reader of mysteries, science fantasy, and books on the development of human potential.

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