• What Kind of Career Change Are You Thinking About?

    • Are you seeking your first job, or a new or a better one? 
    • Do you want to be more effective in your current job?
    • Do you want a better work/life balance?
  • How Does Career Transitions Coaching Work?
    People seek career coaching when they are uncertain about their jobs or their career goals. These days, career paths are rarely linear. You have to be flexible and adaptive. Successful career changes require a multistep strategy that must be tailored to your individual circumstances. Here's how career coaching can help.

    For all career changers

    • Understand the values that are most important to you in your work and how to add those elements in your professional life.
    • Identify your interests and skills.
    • Envision a satisfying career path (including a satisfying retirement).
    • Develop a support system (including your coach) who can provide encouragement for your efforts and celebrate your successes.

    Looking for your first job, or a new job

    • Identify your career options using psychological strengths assessments, interest inventories.
    • Identify jobs that would match your strengths, skills and interests.
    • Craft compelling resumes and cover letters that will get the attention of potential employers.
    • Refine your social networking and social media strategies.
    • Practice job interview and salary negotiation skills. 
    • Strengthen your stress management skills so you can be resilient in the face of uncertainty during your job search.

    Improve your work-life balance and satisfaction with your current job (Read more about stress resilience on the job.)

    • Learn mindfulness and other holistic stress management skills to enhance your resilience in the face of job pressures, system changes, and uncertainty.
    • Improve your self-organization and time management skills.
    • Learn how to be your own CLO (chief learning officer). Be proactive in identifying what you need to learn to perform well in your job, where to get learning resources and how to learn new material efficiently.
    • Learn communication and conflict resolution skills to improve your relationships with coworkers and superiors, so your work collaborative efforts are more enjoyable and productive.
    • Learn how to negotiate and enforce healthy boundaries between your work and home life. 
    • Learn how to apply positive psychology strategies to enhance your creativity, attract new opportunities, and enhance your job satisfaction.
  • What's it like to work with Andrea for a successful career development?

    My experience with Coach Andrea Meier has changed my life tremendously. As a busy full-time student, clergy person and entrepreneur, doing my daily activities is a full-time undertaking.... Her sessions provide new insight and opportunity to discern my life situations, to become clearly aware of where I am, where I really want to go and most importantly, what I need to get there.She keeps me on the right path and with a gentle approach  but effective method keeps me accountable and motivated. In just a year, I've seen my productivity, stress level drop and my overall academic, professional and personal life grow by leaps and bounds... Coach Andrea can help anyone seeking insight, motivation, engagement, support and help in any aspect of your life challenges. Karen, psychotherapist, clergy person, and entrepreneur

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