• Wellness/wellbeing coaching is designed to help people who worry about their health and who want to reduce their risks, manage symptoms, and enhance their wellbeing. It helps them find effective ways to sleep better, and develop and enjoy healthy eating habits and active lifestyles.

    People seek wellness coaching when they have consistently failed in their efforts to make the life changes needed to reduce serious health risks or improve their health. (Read more: Wellness? Wellbeing? What's the Difference?)

  • Think about your life over the last few weeks. How many times have you complained about the following health problems.

    •  I NEED MORE SLEEP! I’ve been told I should get 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night, but I find that hard to do.I have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. I often wake up in the morning feeling weary and irritable. I worry about how my relationships are being affected. My job performance has been suffering, too. Read more...
    • I AM STRESSED OUT!  My life is stressful and my health care provider (HCP) has warned me that my high stress levels are affecting my health. Read more...
    • I NEED TO PREVENT FUTURE HEALTH PROBLEMS  A family member or friend was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness. I worry about my own risks for having the same problem. My HCP has suggested ways to reduce my risks but I am finding it hard to follow those suggestions. Read more...
      I AM AT RISK FOR A CHRONIC DISEASE. My HCP has warned me that I am at risk for developing a serious chronic health problem (heart disease, diabetes, etc) in the future, and advised me to change to a healthier more active life style. Read more...
    • I HAVE A SERIOUS CHRONIC CONDITION NOW AND I WANT TO KEEP IT FROM GETTING WORSE. I already have a chronic health problem .Sometimes, I have trouble complying with my prescribed treatments. My HCP has also advised me that my symptoms can be alleviated and disease progress slowed by changing my diet, exercising more and getting more sleep but I find it hard to keep to those disciplines. Read more...

    Are you frustrated because you have tried—and failed—in your efforts to cope with one or more of these situations? Do you want to discover how you can have more energy, better health and life satisfaction? 

    Seven ways Flourish! Wellness & Wellbeing Coaching services can help you improve your health and optimize your wellbeing.

    1. Develop a new appreciation for your body and a vision of wellbeing that will motivate your efforts.
    2. Identify the things you do that sabotage your efforts to achieve your health goals, and new actions that can help you make real progress to better health.
    3. Help you learn mindfulness techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your mood.
    4. Tap into your psychological strengths so you energize your efforts to change your health behaviors in the ways you desire.
    5. Map out specific, evidence-based strategies for putting your new behaviors into action.
    6. Craft contingency plans to deal with predictable emotional ups and downs and other obstacles to changing your behaviors
    7. Provide accountability to “keep you honest” about whether you are actually following your action plan, and consistent encouragement for your efforts.