• A Consultant
    Consultants are specialists who bring their technical expertise to bear in helping you solve specific problems. In coaching,
     you are the expert on your life and your coach will help you tap into that wisdom. Typically, consultants have short term relationships with their clients. If you choose, your coach will stick with you to help clarify your goals, develop new skills, and implement changes to ensure your success in achieving your aspirations. 

    A Psychotherapist
    Coaching can be therapeutic, but it is different from psychotherapy. In your sessions you focus on the what is possible in the present and what you can do to create a compelling, satisfying future. Coaches don't work on "issues" or get into the past or deal much with understanding human behavior. It is a collaborative process, helping you discover these truths for yourself as you move forward in setting personal and professional goals that will give you the life you really want. 

    If you have had difficult experiences in your past that interfere with your progress in the present, your coach may recommend that you seek psychotherapy to address those issues. Some clients have found it helpful to work with their therapists to heal their pasts and coaches to energize their progress toward creating a more satisfying present and future.  

    A Sports Coach
    Life coaching applies some principles from sports coaching, such as teamwork, going for the goal, and striving to do your best.  But, unlike sports coaching, professional coaching does not foster a competitive or win/lose orientation. It promotes a win/win world view. Your coach will help you identify and strengthen your skills rather than aiming to “beat the other team.”

    Your Best Friend
    Best friends can be great confidants! But is your best friend a professional whom you can trust to advise you on the most important aspects of your life,career or business?  Even better, have a best friend and a personal coach!