•  Are You Smart, But Distractible?

    You Can Strengthen Your Focus and Increase Your Productivity with Enhance Your Executive Function (EYEF™) Coaching .

    You know you are intelligent, ambitious, creative, and energetic. Yet no matter how hard you try, you're not getting anything important done. Sound familiar? Read more about chronic distractibility and ADHD

  • Do you struggle with one or more of these problems:

    • Focus and concentration?
    • Time management?
    • Planning and prioritizing?
    • Organization?
    • Decision-making?
    • Distractions?
    • Meeting deadlines?
    • Procrastination?
    • Focus and concentration?
    • Finishing what you started?
    • Underachievement?
    • Overwhelming stress and frustration? 
    • Communication and relationships?

    If so, you are not alone. Around 5% of adults (over 16 million people) in the US struggle with AD/HD or chronic distractibility.

    Even if you have never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, EYEF Coaching can help you overcome these challenges and live a better life.

  • Whether you have ADHD or not, you will always encounter stress in your life. Your challenge is to learn how to be resilient and resourceful in managing or overcoming that stress.


  • How does EYEF Coaching Work?
    This multimedia program includes:

    A psychological strengths assessment, access to streaming of ADD Crusher videos through your computer and mobile devices, 10 hours of tele-coaching organized around the videos and activities developed by ADD experts.

    Each week you will work on developing an "owners manual for your brain” as you practice ways of thinking and doing that will increase your personal effectiveness and satisfaction with life--and have fun doing it!

    Sessions cover:
    Week 1. Feed Your Brain (holistic strategies for staying focused)

    Week 2. Get a Nagging Desire (motivating yourself)
    Week 3. Shut-Up-A-You-Mind (quieting the chatter inside your head)
    Week 4. Crush Time Down to Size (time management strategies)
    Week 5 Seeing is Remembering (working memory issues)
    Week 6. Consolidate, Automate, Delegate (simplifying life)
    Week 7. Attack the Tough Stuff Now (why we procrastinate and what to do about it)
    Week 8. Do What You're Doing Now (staying on task)

    Week 9. Score Your Successes (focusing on your wins rather than your shortcomings)
    Week 10. Get a Lateral Mindset (changing the way you see yourself and your ADD)

    How much do EYEF Coaching Services cost?

    Here is what you will get in your 13 week EYEF program

    • A 1-1 psychological strengths assessment session using the Values in Action Strengths questionnaire to identify the strengths you can use to build your psychological foundation for your success.
    • 12 weekly, 30 min 1-1 coaching calls to help you apply what are learning with the ADD crusher materials so you can succeed in achieving your goals.
    • Your own personal "Crush Your ADD" coaching plan for implementing these strategies including key strategies for crushing your ADD.
    • Accountability to help you stick with your plan

    EYEF coaching sessions can also be tailored to address your unique needs. 

  • What is it like to work with Andrea in coaching? 
    I began working with Andrea after I received her name from a friend who knew her professionally.  I was struggling with scattered-ness in life and work—consequences of a life-long struggle with undiagnosed ADD (with a little H thrown in).  Through my work with Andrea, I learned some simple strategies I could apply to calm my mind and problem-solve in a way that worked for me. For example, she introduced me to a Emotional Freedom Technique ("tapping) which enables me to calm my spinning mind surreptitiously. She also recommended that I plan and brainstorm by sketching out "mind map" webs rather than linear tools—an approach better suited to my thinking style.  Her willingness to listen to me and identify strategies better suited to my peculiar cognitive needs enabled me to approach work more positively and accept my idiosyncrasies rather than fight them.  I highly recommend Andrea as a life-coach to anyone who needs to find an individualized approach to solving struggles in work and life.  Elaine,Teacher