• Flourish While You Complete Your PhD

  • How is doctoral study like training for a marathon?
    As a doctoral student, you need to think and train for your degree like a long-distance runner. When you begin, it's exciting! You are committing yourself to achieve an important personal goal. But it is also long-term project that requires your dedication, effort, knowledge and skill to complete. There will be times when you will have to increase the intensity of your efforts--to sprint to reach short term goals. Inevitably, there will be points along the way when you will feel tired, overwhelmed and discouraged. This is when it really helps to have a doctoral coach and team of loyal supporters. Your coach helps you stay focused and fine-tune your technique so you mobilize your strengths and resources efficiently.

  • You were accepted into your doctoral program because you are smart, creative, and capable. You have consistently demonstrated these strengths in your classes. But now, those support structures have been removed and you are faced with “marathon” challenges--writing your comps, completing your proposal and IRB, designing and conducting your pilot, doing the full dissertation study, and, finally, writing up your findings and discussion. In other words, going the distance to become an independent scholar.

  • If you are working on any of these steps of your dissertation research and are feeling a bit of a loss how to proceed, you are not alone. Many doctoral students feel this way at this stage.


  • Happily, help is at hand!

    With positive psychology-based coaching, you can be engaged, focused and productive while completing your doctoral tasks. Strengthening your self-organization and emotional self-regulation skills, what you learn can help keep you optimistic, resilient and energized as you prepare for your post-doctoral career!

    You CAN accelerate your progress dissertation completion. Consider the return on your investment when you use Finish Strong coaching program. The sooner you pass your comps, the sooner you can move on to your proposal. The sooner your proposal is approved, the sooner you can complete your dissertation and graduate--and embark on a rewarding professional career.

  • Why work with Andrea?

    Andrea has worked as doctoral coach since 2008, she has coached doctoral students from several universities through successful completion of their dissertations using group and individual coaching approaches. As of 2019, she has helped a total of 60 students complete their doctorates (more than many professors do in their entire careers).

    Andrea can tailor her coaching approach to meet your needs, including

    • Problem-solving around your research topic selection.
    • Analyzing all options for methodology.
    • Defining the "problem" and hypotheses.
    • Identifying appropriate research literatures.
    • Developing conceptual frameworks.
    • Describing your study's significance.

    How working with Andrea has helped students refine their scholarly work:

    Andrea provided an environment where thought-partners could meet for scholarly conversations. Because my university utilizes the distance learning model, forming a learning community can be challenging. It was valuable to have a learning community to discuss scholarly argumentation, theoretical frameworks, research questions, etc. Andrea is also a committed and engaged supporter of members of the learning community!  JB, Doctoral student and executive coach.

    Andrea can also help you to work cooperatively and productively with your advisor and committee so you can:

    • Establish realistic goals
    • Understand the product your dissertation advisor wants.
    • Be appropriately assertive in advocating for your project.
    • Obtain specific guidance, tutoring, and feedback from your advisor..
    • Be effective in handling meetings with your dissertation advisor.
    • Improve your interpersonal and communications skills to smooth the process.
    • Discover your dissertation advisor's underlying assumptions, objectives and biases.
    • Transform your anxiety into productive energy

    How working with Andrea has helped students stay motivated, focused and productive. Read more

    Our coaching group provided structure and accountability to accelerate significant steps in the dissertation process. Andrea provided excellent facilitation of the group and coaching one-to-one. She coaches the whole person, showing compassion toward personal tragedies and dilemmas that students also must move through as they are completing a research process that requires significant focus  AG-Graduate

    The group support helped to keep me focused and on track.  I liked the centering meditations and Andrea’s positive psychology approach.  The weekly check-in’s kept my energy going and helped me move beyond low points. Andrea is very caring and encouraging, even beyond the coaching relationship. BR-Graduate

    The Finish Strong Program coaching group is a meaningful weekly learning circle. Andrea also makes herself available for one-on-one sessions, from which I always benefited. She is organized, structured, keeps people focused and operates from a stance of integrity, encouragement and hopefulness.  LH. Organizational development consultant LH-Graduate

    Andrea’s coaching program made an enormous difference for me. With her guidance and wisdom, along with my group’s support, I’ve become more focused, succinct, self-forgiving, energized, and accountable! My progress in my dissertation became more steady as I’ve learned from Andrea to reframe my periodic lack of confidence and other kinds of fears into strengths and skills that work for, not against, me.  CG-Graduate

  • As a certified Energy Psychology Practitioner, I now teach all my doctoral clients Peak Performance EFT (AKA Emotional Freedom Technique or "tapping"). These evidence-based techniques combine mindfulness, tapping on 9 acupressure points. and cognitive reframing. Together they can help you calm your nervous system and soothe negative emotions, such as shame and fear of failure, that underlie procrastination and feelings of overwhelm. EFT is simple to use, fast-acting, and empowering, so you can maximize your productivity and perform at your best.

      • Coaching is convenient
        You can participate from wherever you can access a phone line. 1-1 sessions are done over the phone or Skype. Group coaching is done using Zoom teleconference calls. All calls are recorded and distributed to group members 24 hours after each session.

        What does the group program cost?
        The most economical way to get expert coaching is with the Group Coaching Program This program costs $180 per month. If you join the group coaching program, the fee covers weekly hour-long teleconference sessions and one 30-minute private session per month.

        Why does the group program include a monthly private session?
        Doctoral students benefit from the peer support and shared problem solving they receive from their groups. But there may not be enough time in the group session to delve deeply into all issues. Or students may not want to disclose some personal issues to the group. The individual sessions help them be resilient in the face of stress and adapt their coping strategies so they can be productive and satisfied with life while meeting their doctoral goals.

        Ok, I'm interested. How do I get started?
        Finish Strong coaching groups are formed when there is sufficient demand for them. (Minimum group size is 5 members.) They work best if they are “grassroots” affinity networks of students in the same program. That way members know each other before they start. They can share knowledge of their faculty, and insights about how their institutions work.

        Do you want a group coaching program?
        Recruit 4 or 5 of your fellow doctoral students in your department to join you in creating this unique and effective support system. You can accelerate your progress and enjoy succeeding together!

        I can't find enough other students who want to be in a group. What can I do?
        Consider 1-1 coaching. These coaching sessions (held over the phone, Skype or Zoom) can be tailored to your individual needs and schedule. Rates: $140/hr or $70/30-min.


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