• Are You Caught in the "Lonely Entrepreneur Trap"?

    Being an entrepreneur is exciting because you are your own boss, but as you work on your business you may find yourself missing the corporate world where you had a boss.

    As Canadian entrepreneur Catherine Graham noted:

    "There’s a certain comfort level that comes with knowing that there is someone else you can turn to for help and learn from, with whom the buck stops, and who will ultimately make necessary decisions in tough situations."

  • In the early days of your business, you are the one who always needs to have the answers--or find them. It can be exhausting, and lonely. Your friends and family may be supportive but not understand why you have to be so absorbed in your work. (After all, didn't you become an entrepreneur so that you would have more freedom?)

    You discover that you are constantly operating outside your comfort zone, and every day brings something new you have never done before. While you may be excited and challenged by all you are learning, but—and entrepreneurs often fail to acknowledge this—you may also feel terrified! Much of the time you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing, and it feels like you’re doing it all on your own.

    To counteract this “Lonely Entrepreneur Trap,” Caroline Graham and other successful entrepreneurs strongly recommend leveraging your network for support:

    “It can often feel like you’re the only one struggling, but the reality is many startup founders and business owners feel the same way every day. There’s a belief that you need to put on a face to make people outside the business believe that everything is going great …. If I’d been more open about how hard those first few years were, I might have gotten some perspective or good advice from other founders.”

  • As your coach, I can help you escape the Entrepreneur’s Loneliness Trap, providing many kinds of expert support for your business growth and overall wellbeing. 

  • I can be:

    • Your personal trainer to empower you to achieve your goals.
    • Your sounding board when you need to make tough choices.
    • Your mentor in polishing your communication & life skills.
    • Your co-designer when you are creating an extraordinary project.

    • Your mentor who helps you identify when you need to recruit resources and expertise from outside your business. 
    • Your source of unconditional support when you take a hit
    • Your source of motivation when strong actions are called for. 

    • Your guide to ensure that you settle for nothing but the best. 
  • What Strengths Are You Bringing to Your Business Building? What Vulnerabilities Put Your Success at Risk?

    All entrepreneurs bring personal strengths, knowledge, and skills that energize their efforts to achieve business success. However, they also have gaps that can make it more difficult to achieve their goals. When you take the two initial assessments, the VIA Psychological Strengths and 10-Steps to Entrepreneur Success assessments that are part of the Momentum program, you will identify both strengths and vulnerabilities. These assessments will help you set your priorities and design your business implementation strategies.

  • Here's How This Program Will Help You Gain and Sustain Momentum to Achieve Your Goals

    The Momentum Entrepreneur Success Coaching Program offers a unique combination of small business coaching combined with techniques to help you stay positive and energized as you do what it takes to grow your business.

    Here's what you get:

    Getting Launched!

    • 2 jumpstart self-assessments: The VIA Psychological Strengths and 10-Steps to Entrepreneur Success assessments
    • 2 60 minute 1-1 video session for goal setting ($400 value)
    • Create your vision for 2021 and create an actionable plan for making it real!

    Getting into Action

    • 30-min bi-weekly Zoom video conference coaching sessions ($75 per session)
    • Weekly accountability email self-assessments
    • Monthly 1-hour Peak Performance sessions applying Energy Psychology techniques to alleviate procrastination and perfectionism-the emotional blocks to success (optional:$150/session.Complimentary first session)
  • Next Steps: Get Into Action! Chose the Program and Payment Plan Tailored to Your Needs

    Step 1: Choose your focus

    • Quick Start: Focus on 1 business goal over 3 months 
    • Foundation Building: Focus on 2 business goals over 6 months 
    • Sustained Momentum: Focus on 4 business goals over 12 months 

    Step 3: Choose a payment plan that fits your budget**

    • Single payment (Save 10%)
    • Bi-monthly payment (Save 5%)
    • Monthly payment-Full price.

      **Payment plans do not include Peak Performance sessions. These will be charged on a monthly basis if you take advantage of this opportunity.  Depending on your payment plan, discounts will apply.


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