• Insomnia can take many forms. 

    Do you:

    • have trouble getting to bed at a reasonable hour?
    • have trouble getting to sleep after you go to bed?
    • worry about waking up later at night and being unable to go back to sleep quickly?
    • wake up many mornings still feeling tired?

    If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, you may be suffering from insomnia.

  • Rest Assured Coaching for Healthy Sleep
    Happily, if you have been struggling with these kinds of sleep disruptions, there is something you can do about it. Unless you have sleep apnea, a severe sleep disorder, you don’t need to go to a sleep lab to learn how to improve your sleep. Psychological researchers have developed systematic approach that can help most insomniacs improve their sleep.

    The Rest Assured Program is one of Flourish! Wellness/Wellbeing specialized coaching services.  The program is an evidence based, six session telephone coaching program that includes

    • education in how sleep works in the brain and how it affects your physical health and overall wellbeing
    • a comprehensive sleep assessment, including factors that affect your level of arousal around bedtime,
    • coaching in good “sleep hygiene” — the behaviors and environments that can help you get to sleep sooner and have more undisrupted sleep;
    • instructions for and practice in modifying your sleep schedule so you are able to get more of the deep sleep you need for optimum health
    • training in thought restructuring and mindfulness practices to enable you break free from the vicious cycle of worry about getting enough sleep. Learn how you can soothe yourself so your anxiety about sleep doesn't keep you from getting your sleep.

    You can choose to focus on sleep as your primary positive health goal in the 6-session Rest Assured program. (Or you can choose to work on all three wellbeing goals, sleep, healthy weight and active lifestyle in a coordinated process through a 12-session program.)    

    Do you long for a good night’s sleep & all the benefits that healthy sleep can bring?  

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