• It’s an unprecedented time!

    In the next decade, an estimated 76 million Baby Boomers will retire! Some Boomers may not have planned to retire soon, but the pandemic’s risks to health for themselves and family members is causing them to pivot, to decide that their health is more important tban preparing for your retirement.

    Has the pandemic forced you to confront the need for retirement. Or have you already retired, but are now but feeling unfocussed and dissatisfied with your new life stage?

    Conventional stereotypes of retirement have long assumed aging must mean declining health and engagement in life. A recent recent AARP study documents how these stereotypes are reinforced by social media. But retirees don’t have to accept this view. Living longer lives, they are now seeking a new vision of later life. There is now a new name for this stage. Now, it’s no longer “Old Age,’ but “Third Age.”

    The notion of “Third Age “ does not envision retirement as an ending, but as a transition to a new, exciting phase of life! Many of us will spend more time in retirement than in our working lives, so we’re impelled to seek ways to achieve and live our retirement dreams.

    Research shows that most people spend more time planning for a two-week vacation than for their retirement. While extensive resources to plan financially for the future exist, it’s just as important to think about all the other aspects of your life that are impacted by retirement.

    Critical Questions

    • How will you refashion your retirement plans in light of current pandemic and economic disruptions?
    • How can you sustain well being and thrive even as you cope with age related health changes?
    • How can you promote satisfying relationships with your family and friends?
    • How will you adapt to advances in technology to support your health and intellectual and emotional wellbeing?
    • How can you pursue your dreams for personal development and growth?
    • Where will you find purpose and meaning?

    Navigating into a Satisfying Third Age

    Key to a successful retirement is having the insight, tools and resources to renew and re-create yourself. This is where Third Age Vitality evidence based assessment tools and retirement coaching strategies can help you envision a vital, satisfying “Third Age,”and energize your efforts to forge a path forward.


    The LifeOptions Profile
    The LifeOptions Profile™ developed by Retirement Options assesses retirement readiness across 20 lifestyle and attitudinal dimensions in six life arenas: Career and Work, Health and Wellness, Finance and Insurance, Family and Relationships, Leisure and Social, and Personal Development.

    Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a personalized report that indicates areas of preparedness and identifies gaps. The LifeOptions Profile™ provides you with a personal, practical, and relevant self-portrait of your lifestyle needs and provides insights on transitioning from your current lifestyle to your retirement lifestyle.

    Character Strengths Survey
    Positive psychologists have identified character strengths as the positive parts of your personality that impact how you think, feel and behave. Character strengths are rooted in your values. They are different than your other personal strengths, such as your unique skills, talents, interests and resources, because they reflect the “real” you—who you are at your core.

    When your goals and actions are aligned with your values, it is easier to be energized in getting into action in pursuit of your goals, and more satisfied when you achieve them. Psychologists have identified 24 character strengths that you have the capacity to express. After taking the Character Strengths Survey, you will receive a 20-page, in depth report in which you will discover your unique character strengths profile. Knowing and applying your highest character strengths is the key to you being your best self.

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    Here’s What You Get in Your Program

    Session 1
    Based on the results of the assessments and your personal priorities, we will identify three goals for the coming 12 months that will fill in your retirement planning or implementation gaps, and/or goals for enhancing your life in retirement. Select 1 goal and craft a plan to make meaningful progress on that goal before the next session. You will receive a recording of each session.

    Session 2
    Training in the mind/body emotional freedom technique (EFT) for managing emotional stress. (TWO BONUSES: A guide to EFT practice. Access to the evidence-based “Ecomeditation” audio which integrates mindfulness, tapping, breathing, and heart centered meditation to help you reach deep meditative states quickly and easily). Review how to apply insights from your VIA survey to strengthen your motivation.

    Sessions 3-5
    In these sessions, we will track your progress on your first goal, and begin to develop plans and implementation strategies for the other two. If you wish, we can also refine your EFT and meditation practices so you can maintain your optimism and meet predictable life challenges calmly and with self-compassion.

    Session 6
    In this final session in the series, we will review your progress on your three goals and plan for how you will work on them over the coming months. You will also be introduced a variant of EFT, Peak Performance Tapping, to increase your confidence in your success and help you persist your efforts to achieve your goal over time.


    The one-time payment for the full Third Age Retirement Vitality Coaching Program is $900 (assessments and bonuses included). To make it more affordable, you can pay for the program in three installments of $350. (Total cost: $1,050)

    Next Steps

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    At the end of your session, if you decide to you want to work with me in coaching, I will give you access to the two assessments for homework The LifeOptions Profile ($100 value) and the VIA Character Strengths Survey ($50 value) are both included in this 6-session virtual coaching package.

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