• A professional colleague recommended Andrea to me as a coach. Going into our sixth year, I continue having breakthroughs in achieving my personal and professional goals, my thinking, and ability to focus on what's really important to me. Andrea's uncanny ability to uncover limiting beliefs, reframe old narratives, and incorporate current human behavior theory has increased the effectiveness of my consulting practice and supported the positive integration of work/life. Having had coaches before, the difference with Andrea is a creative partnership. She works with me, not on me. I look forward to working with her for a long time…….TR, Organizational development and diversity consultant

    In 2015, I was experiencing a lot of life turmoil, a change in jobs, a change in relationships. I was looking for help to reestablish my direction in life. I searched for a coach who could help me gain insight into what was blocking me and could help me reset a course forward...In our work together since then, I found Andrea very helpful in asking probing questions and helping me look more deeply at fears that were blocking me from taking action. For example, I'd been tentative at sending emails and prospecting for new clients. Andrea and I talked about what it would feel like to get a new client. With that question I realized fear of rejection was holding me back, and having a new client would feel amazing .... it moved me to act! Coaching has had a significant impact on my life. Having someone to help keep you accountable, motivate you, encourage you, and set a path forward is incredibly helpful. Without coaching, I would be unfocused and wandering to find direction. Coaching helped me set and achievement goals that I wouldn't have otherwise...If you feel like you're not focused and able to achieve the goals that you have, working with Andrea may be just what you need. She asks the right questions, has an encouraging and motivating approach, and helps keep focused on moving forward to achieve your goals! DA, Change management consultant and educator