• Participating in the Flourish Coaching program was an enriching experience to think through challenges with fellow doctoral students. The coaching group provided structure and accountability to accelerate significant steps in the dissertation process. Andrea provided excellent facilitation of the group and coaching one-to-one. She coaches the whole person, showing compassion toward personal tragedies and dilemmas that students also must move through as they are completing a research process that requires significant focus.  AG  Graduate-2017

    As I was nearing the end of my doctoral program, I wanted the support of a group to keep me focused and on track. I liked the centering meditations and Andrea’s positive psychology approach.  The weekly check-in’s kept my energy going and helped me move beyond low points.  Andrea is very caring and encouraging, even beyond the coaching relationship.  This reasonably priced coaching service is good for students who want support for steady progress. BR Graduate-2017

    I am so grateful to Andrea for coaching me through my final years at *** and particularly through the dissertation process. Her doctoral coaching group is a meaningful weekly learning circle. She also makes herself available for one-on-one sessions, from which I always benefited. She is organized, structured, keeps people focused and operates from a stance of integrity, encouragement and hopefulness. LH. Graduate-2016

    Andrea’s coaching program made an enormous difference for me. With her guidance and wisdom, along with my group’s support, I’ve become more focused, succinct, self-forgiving, energized, and accountable! My progress in my dissertation became more steady as I’ve learned from Andrea to reframe my periodic lack of confidence and other kinds of fears into strengths and skills that work for, not against, me. Andrea also taught me how to do some of the steps of data capture, organizing and analysis. I wasn’t looking for hand-wringing or consolation; I wanted knowledgeable direction, ideas, strategies, and playfulness – and this is what Andrea offers! I made progress and completed my degree!  CG-Graduate 2016